High-temperature, tough thermoset resin

Zeon Technologies and Kusek and Associates have introduced PULTREAT, a thermoset resin that has been 10 years in the making.

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Zeon Technologies (Salisbury, N.C.) and Kusek and Associates (Wrightsville Beach, N.C.) have announced the development of PULTREAT, a new thermoset resin designed for high-temperature performance, abrasion and chemical resistance, toughness, speed of cure and ease of processing for most composite processes. The resin is said to be the result of 10 years of research and development and features 200°C/392°F continuous service and no styrenes. The resin is said to be compatible for use with molding compounds in pultrusion, filament winding, vacuum infusion and prepregs for the electrical, electronics, aircraft, fiberoptics, power distribution and transportation industries. It also can be used for the coating of metal pipe and actuator rods for application in the petrochemical industry. Resin chemistry reportedly is compatible with glass, carbon and other fibers used in composites manufacturing.

Information: Contact Kusek at kusekw@ec.rr.com; contact Zeon at zeon@mindspring.com.