High-temperature compression molding system

TMP Inc., A Division of French, a manufacturer of hydraulic press systems, has introduced a high-temperature, rapid-heating oven and an automated high-temperature composite molding press system.

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Hydraulic press systems manufacturer TMP Inc., a Division of French (Cleveland, Ohio), has introduced a high-temperature composite molding system that combines a rapid-heating oven and an automated press. The latter comprises a 500-ton press, with a temperature capability up to 1200°F/649°C and an integrated material-transfer system. The press can be designed with either four-post or sideplate construction with a vacuum chamber to meet the molding requirements. At the start of the process, the composite material is moved into the oven to reach the programmed preprocessing temperature, and then it is moved into the press and onto the forming dies. After the pressing cycle, the formed part is automatically moved out of the press for part removal and loading of new material.