High-temp prepreg for unmanned aircraft

Amber Composites' flame-retardant cyanate ester resin system cures at 135°C/275°F

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Amber Composites (Langley Mill, U.K.) has announced the availability of a new high-performance prepreg system that is capable of withstanding high temperatures. C740 is a flame-retardant cyanate ester resin system of medium viscosity that cures at 135°C/275°F. It is pre-impregnated into high-performance fibers, including carbon, glass and Kevlar. Post-cure peak temperatures can be as high as 344°C/651°F. the resin was developed for high performance aerospace and automotive applications. The first commercial application is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) produced by Schiebel (Vienna, Austria). The UAV, dubbed CAMCOPTER S-100, consists of a compact helicopter aerial vehicle that can be fitted with a variety of payloads. Schiebel is using Amber’s C740 to decrease the weight of the exhaust system and the engine.