High-speed machining center

The M8 Cube from DATRON Dynamics is a next-generation high-speed machining center.

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The M8 Cube from DATRON Dynamics (Milford, N.H.) is a next-generation high-speed machining center. DATRON’s objective in the design of the M8 Cube was to reduce the number of parts, overall cost and ultimately to simplify both service and support. Brushless, direct drives provide faster acceleration, feed rates up to 866 in/min and shorter cycle times. A 3-kW, 40,000-rpm, liquid-chilled spindle delivers increased horsepower for heavier machining, as well as the flexibility to mill a wide range of materials. HSK-E 25 tool holders are said to offer precision and <1 micron run out. The M8 Cube has a footprint of 69 by 69 inches (1,253 by 1,253 mm). It features a work area of 40 by 28 by 9 inches (1,016 by 711 by 229 mm). The M8 Cube is controlled by dynamic Windows-based software that has the flexibility to integrate with third-party software and automation systems. Operation indicator lights built in to the gantry and control provide machine status. Other options include a spray-mist coolant system, integrated 3-D probing and automatic tool changers with up to 30 stations and tool-length sensing.

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