High-pressure RTM epoxy, aircraft interiors resin matrix

Huntsman Advanced Materials will highlight the contribution its high-performance chemistries are making in some recent applications.

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Huntsman Advanced Materials (The Woodlands, Texas) will highlight the contribution its high-performance chemistries are making in some recent applications. Applications include structural composites parts on the BMW i3, composite bonders on a prototype racing vehicle’s rear spoiler and prepreg components on a Richard Mille luxury watch. Features products include epoxy resin systems for high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) and compression molding. Huntsman says it is the first supplier to produce epoxy resin systems that are qualified for the mass production of structural parts. Including preform set, injection, curing and demolding, the latest system — Araldite LY 3585/Aradur 3475 — allows parts production in 5 and 3 minutes respectively in HP-RTM and compression molding, exhibiting a one minute latency at 110°C/230°F. During the show, resin systems for HP-RTM that produce high-performance vehicle wheel rims will also be showcased. Huntsman’s materials have been used by leading premium brands such as the Mercedes SLR, BMW Z1 as well as a Lamborghini monocoque chassis and projects for McLaren. In its latest project, Huntsman has helped BMW to produce structural composites parts in volume production on the recently launched BMW i3.

For aircraft interiors, Huntsman will feature Araldite FST 40002/40003, a new, high-performance RTM and infusion processing solution. It combines inherent FST properties with high-quality, user-friendly composites processing methods. In contrast to other thermoset materials for interiors, Araldite FST 40002/40003 is an unfilled system that is said to offer good matrix mechanical properties and high fiber volume capabilities. The resin also meets FAR 25.853 vertical burn, smoke and toxicity specifications for carbon and glass fiber in all thickness configurations.

Huntsman also will feature a new methacrylate adhesive, Araldite 2048, which is said to exhibit some of the highest lap shear strengths available (24 MPa on aluminium) and high elongation. It’s said to be ideal for dynamic loading and offers good chemical resistance, low ionic content, ease of application, high impact resistance and elasticity at subfreezing temperatures. Araldite 2048 has been used with the epoxy adhesive Araldite 2031 on the rear spoiler of a prototype sports car, which will be on display at the Huntsman stand.

Finally, Huntsman will feature tri-functional, TGHPM-type epoxy resin called Tactix 742, which reportedly provides higher glass transition temperature resistance than any other epoxy resin with which it’s fully compatible. It can also be processed into prepreg formulations for high-temperature applications. 

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