High-performance epoxy prepreg

GMS Composites

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GMS Composites (Victoria, Australia), exhibiting on the Carbon Nexus stand, is showcasing its latest high-performance epoxy prepreg GMS EP-620, which uses a very tough, impact-modified epoxy resin matrix system. GMS EP-620 has been specially developed for cost effectively fabricating lightweight fiber-reinforced composite parts that need very high fracture toughness and energy absorption. The epoxy was developed by GMS Composites to be capable of high-velocity ballistic level high kinetic energy absorption and resistance to repeated shock impacts. According to GMS Composites, its GMS EP-620 epoxy prepreg resin has more than 1.75x the fracture toughness and requires 3x the fracture energy to break compared with standard industry prepreg resins tested. Depending on the application, GMS EP-620 epoxy prepreg resin can be combined with reinforcement fabrics made from carbon fiber, aramid, S-glass or polyethylene fibers to mold components designed for ballistic protection, personal body armor and vehicle protection in a variety of demanding defense, military, industrial and motorsport applications.