High-load flame retardant

Huber Engineered Materials has launched three MoldX optimized alumina trihydrate grades.

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Huber Engineered Materials (Atlanta, Ga.) has launched three MoldX optimized alumina trihydrate (ATH) grades that cut cost through resin replacement. MoldX A100 is flame retardant and capable of very high loading levels, ranging from 250 phr (parts per hundred resin) to as high as 400 phr. A zero-halogen option for products that require smoke suppression, its higher ATH loadings reportedly boost fire-retardant properties without increasing viscosity. It is intended for hand layup, pultrusion, sheet molding compound (SMC) and bulk molding compound (BMC) applications. MoldX C200 can result in a significant cost savings because its low viscosity and optimized combination of ATH and ground calcium carbonate reportedly allows formulators to achieve higher loadings than with the ATH products now used in SMC and BMC formulations. MoldX W300, designed for color-sensitive thermoset applications, such as cast polymer, SMC and BMC, is said to impart good flame retardant properties and permit increased loading to cut the cost of filled-resins.