High-flow, flame-retardant nylon

Rhodia's newest Technyl polyamide resin is designed for connector applications.

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Rhodia (Lyon, France) has developed a high-flow, flame-retardant range of its established Technyl polyamide (PA) products, specifically designed for connector applications. The new product line offers high-flow products that meet the Glow Wire Tests (GWT) for finished parts; the materials also offer VDE (IEC 60335-1) and UL approval. Products in the line include Technyl A 32G1, UL94 V2, which is free from antimony trioxide (ATO), with GWT performance up to 900°C/1652°F; Technyl A 30G1, UL94 V0, with good GWT and Glow Wire Flammability Index (GWFI) performance; and Technyl A 60G2 V30, a halogen-, red phosphorus- and ATO-free high-flow PA 6.6 product that has good all-around flammability resistance.  All grades are available reinforced or unreinforced as PA 6, PA 6.6 or PA 6.6/6 with UL94 V0 rating. These grades are based on high-flow, fast-cycling PA 6 and PA 6.6 polymer technology using halogen and halogen-free additives for fire resistance.