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Hennecke announces second generation STREAMLINE metering machine for HP-RTM

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The second generation of Hennecke’s STREAMLINE metering machines for HP-RTM and CLEARRIM/clearmelt applications boasts improved production flexibility. 

Hennecke GmbH (Sankt Augustin, Germany) has announced its new STREAMLINE MK2  metering machine for HP-RTM and CLEARRIM/clearmelt applications. The second generation of this machine features improved production flexibility due to its space-saving layout and mobile frame, which can be lifted by crane. The plant automation is also particularly flexible. The STREAMLINE MK2 is equipped with a wireless operator panel, which implements a location-independent operation of all process parameters on the spot. The heating and metering cabins are joined together using quick-locking mechanisms which allow for easy dismantling, ensuring that all main components such as the high-pressure pumps can be quickly exchanged.