Handheld universal tester

ADMET introduces the Micro EP line of palm-sized universal testing machines.

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ADMET Inc. (Norwood, Mass.) has introduced the Micro EP line of palm-sized universal testing machines (UTMs) enhanced with the addition of the company’s MTESTQuattro materials testing system. The new configuration enables greater materials testing capabilities and the ability to combine mechanical test results with microscope images in a single file. Micro EP test stages, which exert forces as small as a few grams or as much as 5 kN, are used to determine the mechanical properties of miniature specimens in tension, compression or flexure. They can be used as standalone testers or installed in optical or atomic microscopes to compare the macroscopic stress-strain states with microscopic changes in the material. The Microsoft Windows XP/Vista PC-based MTESTQuattro materials testing application controls the test routine and records and archives test results. Force and extensometer strain accuracy exceeds American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E-4 and E-83 standards, respectively.