Handheld ultrasonic transducer

Sonatest's Wheelprobe is an ultrasonic testing machine that comes in three widths.

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Sonatest Ltd.’s (Milton Keynes, U.K.) Wheelprobe, a handheld ultrasonic transducer designed and developed for the rapid scanning of composites in testing applications involving the company’s Rapidscan Series of nondestructive testing devices, is now compatible with alternative industry standard NDT equipment. The probe features a wide rubber tire that is acoustically matched to water, allowing near dry contact and produces high-quality results without the need for couplant or large quantities of water. The device comes in three models: a single-element probe, a 50-mm/2-inch array probe and a 100-mm/4-inch array probe. The 50-mm/2-inch 64-element phased array achieves 0.8-mm/0.031-inch resolution and is suitable for hand scanning of large, flat or slightly curved parts. A central spring-loaded roller ensures consistent contact across the wheel, even when scanning narrow parts.