Glass fiber for automotive, wind applications

3B-the fibreglass co. spotlighted MF 01 ER (Eco-Responsible), a powder grade of Advantex milled fibers.

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3B-the fibreglass co. (Battice, Belgium) spotlighted MF 01 ER (Eco-Responsible), a powder grade of Advantex milled fibers. The product is intended to reinforce engineering thermoplastics and thermosets and provide high-modulus and greater dimensional stability and shrinkage control. It can be used in a variety of applications in the automotive, electrical and electronic and consumer goods markets. For the wind energy sector, 3B offered new HiPer-tex W3030 glass fiber, specifically engineered for polyester and vinyl ester resin systems used in infusion processes. In the JEC Innovation Showcase, 3B displayed a zero-permeation lightweight composite compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinder developed by GASTANK Sweden AB (Norrfjärden, Sweden). It was manufactured using HiPer-tex glass fiber around a novel thermoplastic inner liner.  

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