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Gel coat for polyurethane composites

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Sogel's Hybrathan gel coat is designed for use with polyurethanes in open or closed molding applications.

Hybrathan gel coat, developed by Sogel (Longueuil, Quebec, Canada), has been specifically formulated for use with polyurethane composites, which the company expects will see increased use in marine, sanitation and transportation applications because advances in process control and polyurethane reactivity have extended molding time, making them more suitable for composite applications. The gel coat can be applied without porosity and is said to have good adhesion to polyurethane backing and strong high-gloss retention. Designed for zero-VOC environments, the gel coat can be applied with standard equipment and is reportedly compatible with closed or open molding processes applicable to polyurethane composites. According to the company, it is possible to see gel times of 20 to 60 seconds in closed molding and 5 to 30 minutes in open molding. For Class A parts, the gel coat is offered in various colors and finishes, including metallic, clear and granite.