Gas-fired batch oven

Wisconsin Oven has introduced a gas-fired batch oven to cure composite parts.

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Wisconsin Oven (East Troy, Wis.) has designed and manufactured a gas-fired batch oven with two rotating mandrel drives and two load carts to cure resin in cylindrical composite components. The chamber is 8-ft wide by 12-ft long by 7-ft high (2.4m by 3.7m by 2.1m), and it has a maximum operating temperature of 500°F/260°C. The oven can heat two filament-wound cylinders simultaneously. It features 6-inch/152-mm thick tongue-and-groove panel assemblies, with a 20-gauge aluminized steel interior and ductwork. Two mechanisms are mounted at the rear of the oven to provide mandrel rotation. The accompanying manual load carts are adjustable to different mandrel sizes and have a maximum weight capacity of 575 lb/261 kg each. The exhaust features motorized dampers on the fresh air inlet and the exhaust outlet to enhance heating and cooling efficiency. The convection heating system features a 750,000 BTU/hr air heat burner and includes a motorized gas control valve, a flame detector and a flame relay with alarm horn. The recirculation system has an 8,600-ft3/hr (243m3/hr) 10-hp high-efficiency blower and uses combination airflow to maximize heating rates and product temperature uniformity.