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11/3/2014 | 2 MINUTE READ

FRIMO announces new equipment for high-volume composites

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Infrared welding systems for thermoplastic composites and EPOx Mix and PURe Mix for HP-RTM in epoxy and polyurethane.


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New IR welding machine with new camera control system
FRIMO explains that its high-speed infrared welding systems are well suited for high performance reinforced plastics such as glass fiber-reinforced polyamides and other thermoplastics, which are becoming increasingly commonplace in structural components used in lightweight vehicle applications.

FRIMO has added two new design sizes to its portfolio of standardized infrared welding systems in the JoinLine IR welding machine series:  IR-V-ECO-1200 with a maximum clamping area of 1200 mm by 600 mm/4 ft by 2 ft and IR-V-ECO-800 (800 mm by 450 mm/2.6 ft by 1.5 ft). The two models, each with up to 24 heating circuits, fill the gap between the highly popular 500 and 1600 models.

The FRIMO JoinLine IR systems are specially designed for frequent and rapid tool changes — e.g., less than five minutes — during which it is not necessary to cool off or preheat the tool. A high-performance drive system allows for increased productivity with view to the critical phase of changeover time and joining after heating and simultaneously guarantees a high level of joining precision.

The JoinLine IR-V-ECO-800 can be equipped with an innovative thermal imaging system for inline process monitoring and consistent documentation of welding parameters. Compared to conventional products this newly presented infrared camera system is smaller and also reportedly stands out through its high level of user-friendliness and measuring precision. By monitoring the necessary temperature distribution during the welding process, a consistently high level of welding quality and process reliability can be achieved.

Lightweight construction for mass production with HP RTM
FRIMO notes that high pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) is increasing in importance for serial production of structural components made from fiber reinforced composites. Epoxy and polyurethane resins can be processed in combination with endless-filament reinforcement to form high-performance components using FRIMO’s HP-RTM dosing unit (EPOx Mix and PURe Mix). The Institute for Lightweight Construction and Plastics Technology (ILK) at the TU Dresden (Dresden, Germany) has just recently commissioned two such units to expand its development and service offerings. One of the machines is equipped for an output range of 33 to 166 g/s with epoxy and the second for a range from 10 to 65 g/s with polyurethane. Both have a navigable visualization system developed by FRIMO, which shows all important information at a glance, in addition to a clear display of the main process parameters. Monitoring devices are also provided on the machines, which provides a convenient interface. All process-relevant parameters are displayed on this visualization unit and can be seamlessly documented and archived.