FlexDrill CNC introduces TRD family of vertical machining centers

TRD family of vertical machining centers which drills, mills, taps and bevels large or long parts.

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FlexDrill CNC (Wapakoneta, OH, US) recently introduced the TRD family of vertical machining centers which drills, mills, taps and bevels large or long parts in a single set-up.  Alternately, the long open bed, coupled with the movable safety light curtain, allows multiple set-ups, so that while the TRD is machining one part, another is being loaded (or offloaded). The open design provides unrestricted access for loading and unloading. With a 2-ft bed width and lengths from 10 to 80 ft, The TRD is well-suited for machining of long products like tube, or pipe, and cutting keyways.

The TRD features a monoblock welded steel frame with high rigidity and a t-slot machine bed. Spindle taper of CT or BT 40 are available, in speeds from 2000 to 6000 RPM, with a max torque capability of 184 ft/lbs. The product line features maximum travel rate of 1181 in/min along the x axis, 984 in/min along the y axis and 165 in/min along the z axis.  Spindle nose to table distance from 8.75" to 24.75".

Standard unit runs on 480V and includes mobile light-curtain safety barriers, frame with chip conveyor and t-slotted table, flood coolant pump and tank, and automatic tool calibrator.  The 12" color touch screen is water-resistant. Oversized double hung precision linear guideways are said to ensure smooth and precise movement on all axes. All moving parts are self-lubricating on all axes. A programmable servo motor drives the spindle, while a 10-compartment automatic tool change is said to ensure capacity for varied applications.

Control on the FlexDrill CNC is simple, with conversational and ISO G&M-code programming for versatile 3 axis CNC machining along with an optional 4th axis.  Equipped with a color touch screen control, 40 GB of program storage, and 50 programmable zero points. Programs can be loaded through USB or through and ethernet connection.