Finishing tools prevent delamination in hybrid material machining

Appears in Print as: 'Finishing tools prevent delamination in hybrid material machining'

Seco Tools’ JC898 rougher and JC899 finisher are designed for use with hybrid CFRP-metal stacked materials for aerospace applications.


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Seco Tools’ JC899 Hybrid Stack finisher and JC898 rougher

Seco Tools’ JC899 Hybrid Stack finisher and JC898 rougher

Seco Tools’ JC899 Hybrid Stack finisher and JC898 rougher are solutions for aerospace shops with holemaking and milling operations in hybrid stacked materials. Together with the JC898 rougher, the JC899 finisher offers three to six times more tool life over conventional drill/reamer combinations, the company says.

The JC898 rougher has a frontal teeth design suitable for helical interpolation, which reduces cutting forces and minimizes the risk of delamination when working with hybrid stacked materials that put pressure on Z-axis drilling operations and generate chips that can damage the machined hole’s surface finish.

The JC899 finisher’s diamond-based coating enables reliable processes and high-quality products, while the double geometry’s left-hand helix prevents delamination, fiber pullout and chip marks from damaging the workpiece’s surface.

The JC898 and JC899 reduce post-machining work to simplify CFRP-titanium and CFRP-aluminum hybrid material holemaking operations. The resulting processes are said to be twice as fast as those performed with alternative solutions.

In addition, the JC898 and JC899 are suited for helical interpolation and side milling applications, increasing process stability and speed, while minimizing the need for post-machining operations and benchwork.

The JC898 and JC899 handle lengths or stack heights ranging from 15 to 60 mm. The JC898 is available in diameters of 8 or 15 mm, while the JC899 is available in 8.5 and 14.8 mm as well as in a 0.375" diameter.