Finished sandwich panels

Nidaplast Composites

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Nidaplast Composites (Thiant, France) is introducing several products for end-users of sandwich panels. Nidalite is a 100 percent aluminium range (honeycomb core and aluminium skins) of finished ultra-light sandwich panels (55Kg/m3 with a thickness of 20 mm). In addition to its aluminium appearance Nidalite offers a very high resistance of 108.68 MPa, and is particularly suited to the demands of industry in the railway construction, automotive, transport and building sectors. Nidaskin, targeting designers and architects with finished sandwich panels consisting of a polypropylene honeycomb core and a range of five different skins (medium, HPL, polyester, aluminium and medium + HPL) for internal/external finishing, partitioning, furniture and worktops. Also new is 8 FR, Fire Retardant, which is said to withstand the attacks of flames and significantly delay their spread. This new product allows the finished sandwich to retain its skin classification (M1 classification if skin is M1 classified).