Fiber-reinforced liquid silicone rubber

Momentive Performance Materials and the Woco-Group have introduced a new generation of jointly developed fiber-reinforced liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials.

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Momentive Performance Materials (Albany, N.Y.) and the Woco-Group (Bad Soden, Germany) have introduced a new generation of jointly developed family of fiber-reinforced liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials for use as adhesives and sealants. Reportedly, the new fiber-reinforced LSRs process like standard liquid silicone rubbers in terms of material flow rate and cure speed, but the modulus of the materials has been increased through the use of textile fibers chemically bonded to the silicone matrix. Target markets for this new class of materials include applications where a silicone elastomer alone cannot withstand pressure or where the reinforcement can contribute to the safety of the part.