Expandable CAD/CAM system

VX Corp.'s VX 2009 CAD/CAM system features an integrated tutorial program that allows the user to expand software use as knowledge increases.

VX Corp. (Melbourne, Fla.) has unveiled VX 2009, a fully expandable CAD/CAM suite that features a 3-D learning system called Show-n-Tell, which enables users to learn CAD/CAM at their own pace. It includes 10 new 3-D tutorial books for healing of faulty model geometry (e.g., gaps or overlaps of adjacent surfaces), mold and die design and 2- and 3-axis machining. Authoring tools have been enhanced to make it easier for users to create design review and assembly instruction documents directly in VX. The software also offers the ability to constrain lines and arcs or circles tangent to splines, and it includes new options for 2-D linkages with the newly added D-Cubed 2D constraint manager in VX Sketcher. Patterning has been upgraded with a new dynamic preview option that allows on-the-fly changes. On the machining side, new thumbnail images for each CAM parameter help explain settings so that changes to machining operations are more easily understood by new users or those who are upgrading from legacy CAM products.