Exact Metrology introduces Artec 3D laser scanner

The Artec Ray scanner is designed for scanning of large objects with high accuracy and speed.


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Exact Metrology (Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.) announces the availability of Artec Ray laser scanners, developed by Artec 3D (Luxembourg). The laser scanner is reportedly capable of scanning large objects like wind turbines, ship propellers, airplanes and buildings while still offering high precision, sub-millimeter and angular accuracy, and speed. Artec Ray is able to scan up to 110 meters away. Data capture is said to be cleaner than with other 3D scanners and noise levels are minimal, reducing post-processing time. 

The scanner is designed for simple use, requiring only its placement on a tripod and the press of a button. Portable and compact, the laser scanner can be set up indoors or outdoors, and i features an internal battery that lasts up to 4 hours.

Additionally, Artec Ray is equipped with the Artec Studio software solution. Once scanned, the scan is processed directly into Artec Studio and then is exported to reverse engineering software.

To obtain maximum benefits, Artec Ray can be paired with Eva or Space Spider handheld Artec scanners to scan hard-to-reach areas such as the interiors of cars or to add intricate detail to large-scale 3D models.