Epoxy wet laminating system


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Gurit (Newport, Isle of Wight, U.K.) is launching a new fire retardant epoxy wet laminating system capable of BS4276 Class 1 flame spread resistance, and a new prepreg technology that eliminates the requirement for chilled storage. When used in conjunction with Gurit’s Airstream technology, the prepreg provides what is said to be a unique prepreg solution tolerant to almost any factory environment. Gurit will also feature its next generation of automotive materials for high-volume body panel production, using rapid press molding to produce a Class-A finish capable of high-temperature paint-line processing. In the structural core range, Gurit will promote its new fire retardant PET foam; G-PET FR with superior fire, smoke, toxicity (FST) performance and its new core sealing technology for balsa, the first commercially available balsa sealing technology, UVOTECH, to reduce resin uptake while retaining core-laminate adhesion and durability. Gurit will also exhibit Airstream coating technology, a specialized prepreg designed to enable the economic manufacture of very high quality unidirectional carbon spar caps without the requirement of a temperature-controlled factory environment.