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Epoxy tooling materials

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BCC Products Inc./Blehm Plastics (Franklin, Ind.) has introduced new EB6200 high-temperature epoxy tooling board and BP5601 epoxy laminating paste. Intended for use with prepreg in construction of tools for composite parts, the board is available in thicknesses of 2, 4 or 6 inches (51, 102 or 305 mm), with a width of 24 inches/610 mm and a length of 60 inches/1,524 mm. It has a shore hardness of 72D and a density of 47 lb/ft³. The paste is an easy-to-mix mold and negative moldmaking material. Its glass-infused resin, with a thixotropic hardener, reportedly is hard and stable enough after cure to allow for drilling. The material’s durability makes it suitable for backups on core-box covers and for molds subject to long-term use.


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