Epoxy resin for light aircraft

Sika Deutschland GmbH has announced the launch of Biresin CR132, a family of modular epoxy matrix systems suitable for the light aviation market.

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Sika Deutschland GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany) has announced the launch of Biresin CR132, a family of modular epoxy matrix systems suitable for the light aviation market. These systems can reach Tg values of more than 130°C/266°F when properly postcured. As such they are suitable for the production of dark painted aircraft, so that despite the higher aircraft skin temperatures caused by the effects of solar heating on the darker paint, thermal stability is guaranteed. Biresin CR132 resin is a hand laminating base system with three hardeners (Biresin CH132-2, -5, -7), which all offer similar properties but have different pot lives, from 60 to 210 minutes.

Based on the properties of the base CR132 epoxy resin and using the building block principle, two further resins have been developed. Biresin CR132 FR which, with the existing hardener Biresin CH132-2, is a special flame retardant (FR) matrix. This can be used, for example, in the production of cowlings and fireproof bulkheads by hand lamination. This system, CR132FR/CH132-2, reportedly achieved a V-0 rating when tested according to the UL94 vertical flammability test. The final resin system uses a different resin, Biresin CR131, to allow for processing by vacuum infusion. This resin, with hardeners CH132-5 and -7 plus CH135-4, can then be used to produce composites by the infusion process to achieve even higher material performance than those made by hand laminating.