Entry-level waterjet and machining centers

Mitsubishi has developed an entry-level waterjet machine, the MWX3, designed for production environments and customers new to waterjet machining.

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MC Machinery (Wood Dale, Ill.) offers an entry-level waterjet machine, the Mitsubishi MW3, designed for production environments and customers that are new to waterjet machining. It features a Mitsubishi 720 CNC control, with advanced programming capabilities; a 15-inch/381-mm waterproof screen, improved graphics; and an NC design that reprotedly simplifies operation. An easy-to-use menu and help functions guide the operator through both programming and workpiece setup. The unit comes standard with a high-pressure S-50 KMT pump, which provides a 60,000-psi water stream that travels at speeds up to Mach 2, with 1.09 gal/min of water consumption through a maximum orifice size of 0.013 inch/0.33 mm. The reciprocating hydraulic-piston to-ceramic-water-piston ratio is 20:1; the water is pushed into an accumulator that is said to maintain a smooth, even flow to the cutting nozzle.

Also new is the company’s own MC Milling line, comprising five series of vertical machining centers and drilling and tapping machines. The MCV Series features general-purpose machining centers with two spindle/tooling system types. The CAT-40 tooling system uses an 8,000-rpm motor, and the CAT-50 system features a 6,000-rpm motor. The DV Series is a general-purpose machine featuring a 15,000-rpm direct-drive spindle and CAT-40 tooling. The DM Series features a 20,000-rpm HSK-A63 spindle, which uses a more rigid and accurate tooling system. The SV Series is built with a heavy-duty box way construction in the x, y and z axes and uses a 10,000-rpm spindle, CAT-50 tooling and hand-scraped box way guides. The TV Series of drill/tap machines features a 24,000-rpm, high-speed spindle driven by a 5-hp motor.

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