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Electrically heated batch oven(3)

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Wisconsin Oven's latest batch oven offers maximum temperature of 500°F/260°C.

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Targeting applications in the automotive industry, Wisconsin Oven Corp. (East Troy, Wis.) has developed an electrically heated batch oven to cure composite parts and structures. With a chamber 10-ft wide by 25-ft long by 9-ft high (3m by 7.6m by 2.7m) and a maximum operating temperature of 500ºF/260ºC, the system features 4-inch/102-mm-thick tongue-and-groove panel assemblies and 20-gauge aluminized steel interiors and ductwork. Its heating system uses incoloy-sheathed heating elements (240 kW heat input) and a 29,000-cfm, 25-hp recirculation blower. The exhaust system features motorized dampers on the fresh air inlet and the exhaust outlet for enhanced heating and cooling capabilities. Four interior vacuum stubs are located on the side of the oven and are piped to the main vacuum manifold. Also available are a 16-position Type J thermocouple jack panel, transducers and solenoids. Temperature uniformity is +3.9°F/-6.8°F at 350°F (+2.2°C/-13.8°C at 176.7°C).