DuPont introduces new, tougher Kevlar

For ballistic and trauma protection in body armor applications.

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DuPont (Wilmington, Del.) has announced the availability of Kevlar XP, a new Kevlar designed to provide ballistic and trauma protection in a more comfortable body armor solution. DuPont and independent tests show that the material consistently stops bullets within the first three layers of a vest designed with a total of 11 layers. The remaining layers absorb the energy of the bullet, resulting in less trauma, or backface deformation, to the vest wearer. This Kevlar initially will be available for body armor, but DuPont is developing additional ballistic applications DuPont reports a 15 percent reduction in backface deformation and at least a 10 percent lighter weight vest design against a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) level IIIA threat, a .44 magnum bullet. The material is targeted to the ballistic market, which DuPont says is growing at more than 10 percent annually. DuPont also reports that it has invested $500 million in a multi-phase Kevlar production expansion to be completed by 2010.