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Design and engineering software

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MSC Software Corp. has released MSC Nastran 2014 and Patran 2014.


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MSC Software Corp. (Newport Beach, CA, US) has released MSC Nastran 2014 and Patran 2014. MSC Nastran 2014 provides enhancements to its solver-embedded fatigue functionality as well as performance improvements and ease of use. Patran 2014 supports the new fatigue analysis capabilities and delivers improvements to nonlinear analysis support. MSC Nastran improvements include upgrades to the external superelement (SE) capability to provide users with the ability to rotate, move or mirror a primary external SE, new capability to activate and deactivate rigid elements in subcases and improve flexibility, multiaxial assessment for insight into validity of standard stress-life or strain-life fatigue analysis, and support for the industry-standard remote parameter control (RPC) files. 

The new release of Patran provides support for the new capabilities of MSC Nastran and MSC Fatigue. The CAD import / export capability has been significantly improved to support recent CAD systems and is 25% faster. The GUI drives the new MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue capabilities. As model size increases to ensure greater fidelity of the model, Patran 2014 has been enhanced to provide faster visualization. 


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