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3/2/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

At JEC Europe 2015: DD-Compound

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This Ibbenbüren, Germany-based supplier of resin-infuison aids and other supplies and materials introduced its Blade Runner resin feed line vacuum infusion processing.

DD-Compound (Ibbenbüren, Germany) showed show attendees its recently developed i Blade Runner resin feed line for vacuum infusion processing (resin infusion), which helps achieve better part quality resulting in what the company calls a "perfect" surface: No print-through, fewer voids and easy handling are said to be its main advantages.

Blade Runner can replace spiral tube or omega channel feed lines placed on the part during infusion setup. DD-Compound claims Blade Runner is easier to place and fix due to its more stable construction, which integrates a spiral tube, a sort of fleece and two different flow media. The new product's unique design reportedly maintains enough distance from the part surface that it does not leave any print and  minimizes air impacts especially in the area where the resin feed line is placed. Claimed results include higher part quality with a perfect surface and improved structural properties. Hours required for setup and corresponding costs may also be reduced, as will labor and materials for perfecting surface finish after the infusion.

Blade Runner is said to be suitable for all parts produced using vacuum infusion, including prototypes, small series, batch production and molds/tooling. Although it has been developed especially for large and long parts like boats and wind turbine rotor blades, it is expected to also find application in automotive and motorsports, aerospace and recreational/sporting goods. Together with the MTI hose, the MTI valve and the Squeezee tube clip, DD-Compound products are designed to make vacuum infusion parts production easy and certain, with a high quality, a simple and fast workflow and a cosmetic surface.  

More information is available online at www.dd-compound.com.


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