Data acquisition system for compression molding

Lawton Machinery Group's data acquisiton system checks actual machine parameters against contoller setpoints.

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Lawton Machinery Group (De Pere, Wis.) has introduced a data acquisition system designed to alert the user if a compression or transfer molding press is not performing to the parameters set by the controller. The unit can be installed on any compression or transfer press. Molding parameters such as clamp pressure, clamp position, transfer pressure and mold temperature can be displayed and recorded on a laptop computer. The user can program the trigger to start data collection by position or pressure during the cycle, the amount of data points that should be collected, the number of samples that can be collected per cycle, the cycle time to reset and arm the trigger for the next cycle, the zero value of each channel of position or pressure and the scaling of the trend screen. The system checks closing parallelism, molding pressures, and thermocouple temperature.