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1/5/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Crystic Crestomer 1152 urethane acrylate structural adhesive and Crystic 621 bonding paste.

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Scott Bader-ATC offers urethane acrylate and hybrid materials that are high-performance yet cost-effective.

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Scott Bader-ATC’s (Stow, OH, US) Crystic Crestomer 1152 urethane acrylate structural adhesive was developed for the U.K. Navy minesweepers and is featured in offshore wind farm support vessels by CTruk Boats Ltd. (Brightlingsea, Essex, UK). Using resin infused composite construction to save up to 40% weight vs. traditional aluminum work boats, CTruk produces power catamarans ranging in length from 11m to 40m with excellent fuel efficiency, stability and sea keeping. It relies on Crestomer 1152 for bonding hull stringers and bulkheads, transoms, engine beds and the hull to deck joints, including the main deck beam, despite its being a high impact area.

Crystic 621 is a new polyester urethane acrylate bonding paste, unique in its hybrid polyester formulation, which offers higher performance gained from the urethane acrylate while maintaining a cost-effective polyester-compatible bonding paste. It uses standard peroxide initiators and is easily applied with standard putty guns. It also features low exotherm for reduced print, enabling gelcoat and paint directly on top without additional pre-finishing operations. Crystic 621 is being used by marine industry leaders such as Beneteau (St Gilles Croix De Vie, France) and Chaparral Boats (Nashville, GA, US). Indeed, Jim Lane, Chaparral’s president, and Buck Pegg, its founder, were awarded IBEX 2014 Boating Industry Mover & Shaker of The Year, for their embrace of change and successful new approaches to boat manufacturing.