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VISTAGY releases FiberSIM 2009.

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VISTAGY Inc. (Waltham, Mass.) says that FiberSIM 2009, the latest version of its composites engineering software suite, simplifies part design with the addition of the Global Stagger profile, Partial Boundary Editor and Design Checker as well as enhancements to zone-based design and core-definition tools. Other features include improved tools for resolving manufacturability issues, with significant enhancements to the Automated Deposition Design (ADD) optional module. This version also expands integration of analysis and design and enhances definition and interoperability between CAE and CAD for composite design. By maintaining separate analysis and design zones with linked laminate specifications, users can propagate analysis updates without manual intervention. This speeds preliminary design so that a greater number of iterations can be performed. New from the company is AeroSuite, a software solution that enables aircraft manufacturers to more effectively manage the evolving product development process and deliver optimized parts and assemblies in less time at lower cost. AeroSuite consists of FiberSIM and SyncroFIT software for assembly development, plus the company’s Quality Planning Environment.

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