Composite analysis software upgrade

Firehole Composites released Helius:CompositePro version 4.2 at JEC Europe 2013.

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Firehole Composites (Laramie, Wyo.) released Helius:CompositePro version 4.2 at JEC Europe 2013. The software includes the following new features and capabilities:

  • New tools are available for analysis of thick-walled pressure vessels.
  • Lamina and laminate data can be exported to Abaqus, ANSYS and MSC Nastran.
  • Users who are interested in post-first-ply failure may specify the number of failed plies that must occur before the laminate is considered to have failed.
  • When quadratic failure criteria are used, the Factor of Safety is now calculated along with the Failure Index for the seven available failure criteria.
  • Users no longer have to browse for their laminate in each analysis window that is opened. If it is selected, Remember My Laminate will automatically populate each tool with the most recently used laminate.
  • Tools with similar functionality (i.e., Plate Bending, Stability and Vibration) have been merged into one window with multiple tabs.
  • The fabric builder tool has been improved with features that allow users to navigate forward and backward through their designs and make iterative changes.

Although Firehole Composites was recently acquired by Autodesk (San Rafael, Calif.), all Firehole product offerings will be retained and will eventually integrate Autodesk features and functions, as appropriate.