Coastal Enterprises' material selection guide is here to help

Appears in Print as: 'Urethane board material selection guide'

Material selection guide can help determine if Precision Board HDU is right for a project.


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Coastal Enterprises (Orange, CA, US) rolled out on April 18 the Material Selection Guide as a guideline for choosing the best density for a job. Examples of how the guide can help are scenarios such as picking the right density of Precision Board high-density urethane for an application or determining if a low-temp (continuous to 200°F) or high-temp (continuous to 300°F) is needed.  

The information in the chart represents PBLT and PBHT densities ranging from 4 pcf to 75 pcf used in a variety of applications, including signage, sculpture, theme parks, tooling, prototypes, and autoclave tools.

The tool can be viewed here.