CNC machine simulation and optimization software

Version 6.2 of CGTech's VERICUT CNC software has been released.

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CGTech (Irvine, Calif.) has announced the release of the latest version of its VERICUT CNC machine simulation and optimization software. Enhancements and features include: a new NC Program Preview that offers an option to process an NC program in VERICUT without actually simulating material being removed; user-configurable text coloring; syntax checking and block renumbering options; a Turret Setup wizard that enables users to easily load, change tools, or change tool positions in a turret; changes to the Tool Manager that enable users to describe the shape, position and orientation of a waterjet cutter or a tap in a tap tool assembly. The software also now supports simulation and analysis of tapping operations. The X-Caliper feature allows users to measure thickness, volume, depth, gaps, distances, angles, hole diameters, corner radii and scallop heights. A new Setup Plan window has been added that enables users to add dimensions or notes to create a drawing of a setup layout or setup plan. The AUTO-DIFF feature, which allows users to automatically detect differences between a CAD design model and a VERICUT-simulated cut part, includes a value to represent surface cuts exactly matching (i.e., with no deviation from) the design model.