Closed molding consumables

Airtech International has introduced two extruded fluoropolymer films.

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Airtech International (Huntington Beach, Calif.) introduced two extruded fluoropolymer films. The first, Wrightlease 2R, is coated with a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Its light-green color is visible on most substrates. Benefits include multiple releases from all common resin systems; good adhesion to metals, composites, tooling blocks and rubber tooling; and high elongation and strength to ensure coverage of complex contoured surfaces. The second, Toolwright 3, is coated with a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive and is thinner and, therefore, more easily applied over complex contours than Toolwright 5. Toolwright 3 offers
not only high elongation and strength but high-temperature resistance and easy cleanup after removal. 
Benefits include extended tool life, tear resistance, fast application, and improved part surface quality.

Also on offer: Airseal 2 sealant tape, reformulated to improve tack, feel, and cleanup and to extend its shelf life. Designed for room- and medium-high-temperature applications, it also can be used in vacuum-bag applications that process at higher temperatures. 
Airseal 2 Tacky is a softer version, with better tack in colder environments.

Also reformulated, Airpad HTX reportedly performs better than competing rubber caul-sheet materials.
Benefits include low shrinkage, dimensional stability, good bonding to reinforcing layers and surfacing release films, aggressive self-bonding for easier repairs, high Shore hardness for better pressure intensification, and good solvent resistance.

Lastly, the company’s Airflex uncured silicone rubber has been formulated for use as a pressure intensifier on complex shapes during vacuum bagging. It also can be used to protect vacuum bags from puncture due to bolt heads.