Closed molding consumables

Airtech International is introducing at JEC Europe several products designed for use in closed molding applications.

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Airtech International (Huntington Beach, Calif., USA) is introducing at JEC Europe several products designed for use in closed molding. The first is Wrightlease 2R, an extruded fluoropolymer film coated with rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. The light green color is visible on most substrates and offers high elongation and tensile strength.
Benefits include good release from all common resin systems for multiple releases; good adhesion to metal, composite, tooling block and rubber tooling; high elongation for easier covering of complex contour surfaces, non-silicone adhesive for sensitive applications.

Toolwright 3 is an extruded fluoropolymer film coated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. Toolwright 3 has a thinner film than Toolwright 5 and reportedly can be more applied over complex contour surfaces. Toolwright 3 offers
high elongation, good tear strength, high-temperature resistance and easy clean up after removal. 
Benefits include extended tool life; tear resistance; fast application; and improved part surface quality.

Airseal 2 sealant tape has a new reformulation. It has been reformulated to provide good tack, firm feel, good cleanup and long shelf life. It’s designed for room and medium-temperature applications, but can also be used for higher temperature envelope bag applications. 
Airseal 2 Tacky is a softer version with better tack in colder environments.

Airpad HTX has been formulated to provide enhanced performance compared to other rubber caul sheet materials.
Benefits include low shrinkage; good dimensional accuracy; good bonding to reinforcing layers and surfacing release films; aggressive self-bonding for easier repairs; high Shore hardness for better pressure intensification; good solvent resistance

Airflex is an uncured silicone rubber that has been formulated for use as a pressure intensifier on complex shapes during vacuum bagging. It can also be used to provide vacuum bag protection from puncture due to bolt heads.