Closed mold polyester surfacing veil

Ilium Composites has launched a new closed mold reinforcement, incorporating an advanced polyester surfacing veil for improved print-through performance.

Ilium Composites (Kingdom of Bahrain) has launched a new closed mold reinforcement, incorporating an advanced polyester surfacing veil for improved print-through performance, only previously possible with an additional and costly surfacing veil. Ilium's existing standard iSpring veil range uses a lightweight polyester surfacing veil for improved aesthetics, without loss of conformability properties. The new SF range uses a higher density surfacing veil, while still allowing good drape and conformability. Ilium’s manufacturing capability integrates this surfacing veil as a multifunctional element of the product, without using a chemical binder. This ensures that the glass reinforcement and the surface veil function as a single, moldable product with uniform conformability, rather than two independent plies with different behavioral characteristics. This veil is said to be particularly well-suited for surface-finish-critical applications, such as automotive panels, mass transport, water slides and architectural moldings.