Chemical Process Services Ltd. develops greener epoxy curing agents

Appears in Print as: 'Greener epoxy curing agents'

The Furalkamines are a new form of Mannich base curing agents said to deliver significantly enhanced cure performance for epoxy resins.
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Source | Bitrez


Polymer chemistry consultancy Chemical Process Services Ltd. (CPS) has researched and developed a new series of “green” epoxy curing agents. The company’s Furalkamine range of polymers is said to combat the withdrawal of conventional Mannich base grades prohibited in Europe under REACH regulations or due to inclusion of undesirable residual monomers.

The Furalkamines are a new form of Mannich base curing agents, derived from pentosane-rich biomass. Subsequent reaction with a variety of amines influences the processing characteristics and offers a new solution to low temperature cure and cure under adverse conditions, while maintaining regulatory compliance, the company says.

These agents are designed to be principal curing agents or modifiers for other curing agents in the formulation of solvent0free or high solids, low VOC maintenance specialized marine coatings, flooring and adhesives.

A patent is pending for this new chemistry and CPS says it is developing the products further. Polymer and chemical manufacturer Bitrez (Standish, U.K.) will be manufacturing the Furalkamine grades under license from CPS.