Carbon nanotubes for PAN/phenolic composites

Fulcrum SP Materials Ltd., a developer of nano-based technology for enhanced composite materials, is debuting its SP1/CNT (carbon nanotube) reinforcement solution for PAN/phenolic composites.

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Fulcrum SP Materials Ltd. (Midland, Mich.), a developer of nano-based technology for enhanced composite materials, is debuting its SP1/CNT (carbon nanotube) reinforcement solution for PAN/phenolic composites. Fulcrum says it has demonstrated that under use of SP1/CNT, flat-wise tensile strength more than doubles, and inter-laminar shear strength increases significantly, while preserving overall composite strength. These improvements were achieved using small amounts of Fulcrum's proprietary SP1/CNT complex (0.2 to 0.3 percent by weight of the PAN fabric). This, the company says, creates opportunities for customers to develop high-performing, nano-reinforced, phenolic-based composites and to introduce PAN/phenolic-based composites for multiple new uses and applications, such as thermal aerospace applications.