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Carbon fiber/polypropylene UD tape offers manufacturing flexibility

Originally titled 'Carbon fiber/polypropylene unidirectional tape'
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Mitsui Chemicals’ TAFNEX PP-CF UD carbon fiber/polypropylene tape has been demonstrated on automotive applications and to build reshapable thermoplastic pipes.

Mitsui Chemicals (Tokyo, Japan) has introduced TAFNEX PP-CF UD, a unidirectional carbon fiber/polypropylene tape available in widths of 12 to 600 mm in lengths up to 600 m per spool, with a fiber volume content of 40-50%. The company says the polypropylene matrix provides optimal processibility, low moisture absorption and fast processing, as well as relatively low cost and reyclability. TAFNEX PP-CF UD can be used with various manufacturing processes, including automated tape laying (ATL), winding and injection molding. Tapes can also be used to produce sheets or tailored blanks for further processing. The material has been used in automotive liftgate and front bumper beam applications, and to form reshapable thermoplastic tubes.