CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: Vectorply

Appears in Print as: 'Custom composite reinforcement fabrics'

Vectorply Corp. is highlighting its custom composite reinforcement fabrics for a range of markets and applications.


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Vectorply CAMX 2020

Source | Vectorply

Vectorply Corp. (Phenix City, Ala., U.S.) is highlighting its custom composite reinforcement fabrics for a range of markets and applications. The company says its specialty products are engineered to meet strength, stiffness, weight and cost demands through the use of many different fiber inputs, architectures and aerial weights.

Vectorply offers custom thermoplastic product offerings such as plain weave and multiaxial non-crimp fiber (NCF) stich-bonded fabrics, made from commingled E-glass and polypropylene fibers. The company plans to deliver new thermoplastic fabric products to help meet growing demands for weight reduction, impact resistance and high product throughput in industries such as aerospace, automotive, industrial and urban air mobility (UAM).

In addition, recent R&D efforts are reported to focus on multi-layer carbon fabrics with incorporated polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) veils. Developed for specific high-end applications, these fabrics are said to combine the strength of standard and intermediate modulus carbon with the fast cycle time associated with thermoplastics.


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