CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: Renegade Materials Corp.

Appears in Print as: 'Next-generation prepregs, resins and adhesives'

Renegade Materials Corp. is promoting its prepregs, resins and adhesive products.
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Renegade Materials CAMX 2020

RM-3000 bismaleimide RTM engine air duct. Source | Renegade Materials

Renegade Materials Corp. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teijin Holdings USA, Miamisburg, Ohio, U.S.), is promoting its prepregs, resins and adhesive products, and its products will be presented as part of Teijin’s virtual showcase.

Renegade Materials’ next generation of safe (non-MDA) polyimide prepregs, adhesives and resin transfer molding (RTM) resins have been developed for high-temperature engine and aircraft applications. Renegade Materials says it is the AFR-PE-4 polyimide prepregs for military use, and its 700°F RM-1100 polyimide “dual use” prepreg is said to exhibit superior hot/wet/TOS properties and to be qualified at commercial aerospace customers globally. The company’s AFR-PE-4, RM-1100 and MVK-14 FreeForm prepregs are all in high-rate production, Renegade says. Polyimide RTM resins are also available, including RTM-1100 and MVK-10 used for molding complex geometry parts for service over 600°F. Renegade says its polyimide products are approved for export and are safe alternatives to PMR-15, titanium and/or insulation in primary structures for engines and airframes.  

Renegade Materials is also featuring its bismaleimide (BMI) product line including prepreg systems (RM-3002 and RM-3004), RTM (RM-3000) and adhesives (RM-3011, RM-3006 and RM-3007). The company’s RM-3004 out-of-autoclave BMI prepreg system is said to offer superior strength and toughness for applications in both aerospace structures and tooling.  Several key commercial aerospace OEM qualifications have been completed for these BMI products, and Renegade says its products are now in high-rate production supporting multiple programs. 

In addition, Renegade Materials’ low dielectric prepreg system, RM-2014-LDk-TK modified epoxy, is said to exhibit dielectric properties equivalent to cyanate ester at lower cost, with processing options in or out of autoclave.  RM-2014-LDk-TK prepreg is designed for the SATCOM radome market, and RM-5003 is a high-purity cyanate ester prepreg system developed to support demanding low dielectric applications for aircraft applications.

Renegade Materials’ high-temperature polyimides will be discussed in CAMX 2020 presentations from various industry OEM and Department of Defense (DOD) personnel, the company says.