CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: General Plastics

Appears in Print as: 'Core, custom molding and tooling board'

General Plastics Manufacturing Co. is showcasing its LAST-A-FOAM core products, custom molding capabilities and high-temperature, low-CTE tooling board.   


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General Plastics CAMX 2020 composites core

Source | General Plastics

Polyurethane foam sheet stock, composite assemblies and custom parts manufacturer General Plastics Manufacturing Co. (Tacoma, Wash., U.S.) is showcasing the composite core applications of its LAST-A-FOAM products, as well as its custom molding capabilities and high-temperature, low-CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) tooling board.

The company says its LAST-A-FOAM core materials exhibit high strength, low weight and consistent properties, and can be used for aerospace, automotive and other composite core applications. General Plastics’ closed-cell, water-resistant core materials — an alternative to traditional materials such as thermoplastic foam, honeycomb, wood and metal -— meet the requirements of numerous industries and complex applications such as FST/OSU-compliant foam core in aircraft interior sandwich panels, high strength-to-weight ratio core material for automotive load floors, dielectric material for radomes, buoyancy foam in subsea applications and impact resistant core in hockey sticks. General Plastics also recently released a new composite core technical paper, which examines the factors to consider when choosing a core material for an application.

In addition, General Plastics is featuring its capabilities for fabricating molded parts to customers’ specifications with flame-retardant, durable and self-skinning flexible and semi-flexible polyurethane foam. CAMX Virtual attendees can examine samples and explore General Plastics’ mold-making capabilities. Examples of typical molded parts include various flight deck components, bin-to-bin closeout seals, header seals and armrest pads. Services offered include part and tool design, mold tooling manufacture and production of parts through all phases to completion. General Plastics’ build-to-print capabilities and high-capacity production facilities enable it to scale production from small runs of specialty parts to ongoing, high-volume OEM and Tier 1 and Tier 2 parts programs.

Finally, General Plastics’ LAST-A-FOAM FR-4800 tooling board is said to provide aerospace, automotive and other composites manufacturing companies a thermally stable material for high-tolerance parts. The material is said to withstand high processing temperatures, enabling engineers and designers to manufacture tools and parts for prototypes, concept proofs, short-run production parts and other applications with challenging performance requirements. FR-4800 also offers a predictable and repeatable CTE, which the company says eases the calculation of tooling correction factors and provides an alternative tooling system that is cost-effective, dimensionally predictable and stable.