CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: Axel Plastics Research Laboratories

Appears in Print as: 'Water-based mold releases, solvents, cleaners'

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories is launching a series of next-generation, water-based releases for the composites market.


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Axel wind turbine CAMX 2020

AXEL says its water-based mold releases and cleaners help build a more sustainable future. Source | AXEL

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories (AXEL, Monroe, Conn., U.S.) is launching a series of next-generation, water-based releases for the composites market. The company says the new technology is the result of years of research, development and refinement to produce a superior suite of cleaners, sealers and releases that are all water-based.

In addition to cosmetics and release qualities, these new products are designed to improve process efficiencies, to reduce waste and, because they are water-based, to be safer for both operators and the environment. This line includes mold cleaners, sealers, primers and release agents. Additionally, AXEL has developed a new series of internal mold release agents designed to drastically reduce mold build-up, reduce mold cleaning time, optimize cosmetics and shorten demold times, all of which is said to enable greater production volumes with less downtime.

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