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7/24/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Vectorply Corp.

Originally titled 'Lightweight carbon non-crimp fabrics'
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Vectorply Corp. has announced it will unveil three new lightweight carbon non-crimp fabrics at CAMX 2019.


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noncrimp fabrics

Source | Vectorply Corp.

Vectorply Corp. (Phenix City, Ala., U.S.) has announced it will unveil three new lightweight carbon non-crimp fabrics at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) September 23-26 in Anaheim, Calif.,  booth Y42. The fabrics, which range from a 208 GSM biaxial to a 410 GSM quadraxial, will be on display along with detailed technical information. Vectorply’s engineering and sales teams will also be on hand to provide assistance and answer any questions. 

Vectorply’s new carbon fabrics offer a myriad of benefits for customers seeking improved performance with the integration of carbon materials featuring low fiber areal weights (FAW), especially compared to similar FAW woven alternatives. Non-crimped fibers offer higher fiber property translation in the composite compared to woven fabrics, and Vectorply’s stitch-bonding format delivers higher dry fabric stability. Additionally, fiber inputs used are current generation 12K standard modulus carbon, providing higher fiber strengths than older 1K, 3K, and 6K inputs typically used in similar FAW woven fabrics. 

The trio of products introduced at CAMX will join Vectorply’s 152 GSM +45°/-45° biaxial, C-BX 0450, to form a versatile fabric assortment for those seeking low FAW carbon products in a variety of architectures. These products are detailed below:

  • C-BX 0450 = +45°/-45° biaxial weighing 152 GSM
  • C-LT 0600 = 0°/90° biaxial weighing 208 GSM
  • C-TLX 0750 = 0°/+45°/-45° warp triaxial weighing 257 GSM
  • C-QX 1200 = 0°/+45°/90°/-45° quadraxial weighing 410 GSM

Engineered as lightweight solutions for high-end applications, Vectorply’s new low FAW fabrics are ideal for applications in aerospace, marine and sports & recreation markets among others. Drones, marine hardtops, and rowing shells are just a few of the unlimited number of products that could benefit from the advantages of these new lightweight non-crimp multiaxial fabrics. 

CAMX 2019 Exhibitor

Vectorply Corp.

Exhibit Hall, Booth Y42

View Showroom | Register Here


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