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CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: UAMMI

Appears in Print as: 'Supply chain database tool'

The Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative is featuring its new supply chain database tool.


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UAMMI database CAMX 2019


The Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI; Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.) is featuring its new supply chain database tool. The online tool is a searchable database of nearly every advanced material and manufacturing supplier and manufacturer in the state of Utah.  In addition, it consists of a marketplace where companies can find buyers and sellers for industry items as well as donate expired materials and other equipment to education programs.

The development of the tool began nearly two years ago with a grant from the Department of Defense (DoD), Office of Economic Adjustment, to assess and improve the complete supply chain for Utah’s DoD-focused carbon fiber composites and advanced materials industry. During that time, extensive interviews were conducted with Utah companies regarding their capabilities, certifications, machinery, materials, workforce expertise and more. The data was then entered into a database that allows users to find and pinpoint the supplier or manufacturer they are looking for according to their needs.

The objective of the program is to make Utah’s advanced materials industry more globally competitive and capable of diversifying into new markets. The supply chain tool will enable anyone in or out of the state to easily locate Utah companies with the expertise and equipment to meet their requirements. It will also allow Utah companies to better connect into the supply chain and increase contract opportunities in both the defense and commercial sectors.

Database demonstrations will take place at the Utah booth during CAMX. The tool can also be accessed directly at: connect.uammi.org