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7/22/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Macrodyne Technologies

Originally titled 'Compression molding and heated platen presses'
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Macrodyne Technologies Inc. (Concord, Ont., Canada) is featuring its compression molding, shuttle, single- and multi-opening heated platen presses.

Macrodyne Technologies Inc. (Concord, Ont., Canada) is featuring its compression molding, shuttle, single- and multi-opening heated platen presses. Macrodyne presses are currently being used in numerous locations in North America, Europe and Asia to mold, laminate, preform, form and consolidate thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials used in the aerospace, automotive, appliance and other industries. Macrodyne offers multiple press frame styles including pre-stressed housing, monolithic, multi-frame, four-column and gap-frame presses, and works with end users to determine the optimal frame style for their application. Materials molded with Macrodyne presses include sheet molding compound (SMC), bulk molding compound (BMC), glass mat thermoplastics (GMC), high-temperature thermoplastics such as PEEK and PAEK, long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics, low-pressure molding compound (LPMC) and others. Features of the presses include pressure-compensated axial piston pumps with electronic pump control, high-pressure piston pumps, proportional or servo-controlled valves, variable-speed motors, high position accuracy, leveling, accumulator drives, extremely slow pressing speeds, extremely accurate pressure control, and fluid condition monitoring.

Control systems range from a basic manual package to a high-level computer-based system with integration of sub-systems for ancillary equipment packages, in-plant production monitoring and data acquisition systems. The company has experience with both Allen Bradley and Siemens systems and can custom-design a control system tailored to application requirements. To simplify operator training and use, the controls and operator interface screens can be designed to match existing presses.

In addition to presses, Macrodyne also designs and builds automated press lines and die-handling equipment. Systems can be built to handle caul sheets and load and unload parts from an oven into the press.



CAMX 2019 Exhibitor

Macrodyne Technologies Inc.

Exhibit Hall, Booth M71

View Showroom | Register Here


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