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CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: KRÜSS Scientific Instruments Inc.

Originally titled 'Mobile surface analysis'
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KRÜSS Scientific Instruments Inc. to showcase its Mobile Surface Analyzer at CAMX 2019. 

surface analysis

Source | KRÜSS

KRÜSS Scientific Instruments Inc. (Hamburg, Germany) will demonstrate the power of mobile surface analysis with its Mobile Surface Analyzer at CAMX 2019. 

The instrument offers users: 

  • Mobile quality control — Users can capture the surfactant content of the bath within seconds using surface tension measurements with the Bubble Pressure Tensiometer Mobile (BPT Mobile). 
  • The ability to optimize wetting — Users can analyze and understand the wetting properties of inks. The K100 – Force Tensiometer is comprised of high-quality components and a wide range of methods to carry out various tests in the field of liquid analysis and wetting measurements to better understand ink formulation. 
  • The ability to understand surfaces — Users can simultaneously dose two parallel drops within milliseconds, with high volume precision and minimal kinetic energy to understand the substrate’s Surface Free Energy. The Mobile Surface Analyzer measures the wettability of a sample based on contact angle measurements with the use of two test liquids. 

KRÜSS is offering an education session at CAMX 2019 on Thursday, September 26 on “Surface Free Energy: Highly Reliable Surface Property Used as a Guide for Surface Cleaning, Preparation, and Treatment.” The session will be presented by Dr. Raymond Sanedrin.

CAMX 2019 Exhibitor

KRÃœSS Scientific Instruments Inc.

Exhibit Hall, Booth J71

View Showroom | Register Here


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