CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Coastal Enterprises Co.

Appears in Print as: 'High-density urethane tooling board'

Coastal Enterprises Co. is introducing a new 25-lb. density option for its Precision Board high-density urethane tooling board.


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CAMX 2019 Coastal Enterprises tooling board

Source | Coastal Enterprises


Coastal Enterprises Co. (Orange, Calif., U.S.) is introducing a new 25-lb. density option for its Precision Board high-density urethane tooling board, available in both PBLT and PBHT versions. The new tooling board is said to provide similar performance to the company’s 30-lb. material, but provides a more cost-effective and lightweight option. Coastal Enterprises says its 25-lb. material is ideal for use with composite master molds, short-run thermaform tools, fixtures and more. 

The company also offers eight standard sheets sizes ranging from 20" × 60" to 5' × 10', with 16 Precision Board densities.

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